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Food products

????????? ???Our favourite part of a meal is its delivery.

Do you have a large volume of food to move over ??a long distance? Our extensive rail network ensures safe, efficient, and timely transportation across North America.?

We can handle a variety of food products, including the following:

  • fruits and vegetables?
  • canned goods / beverages
  • meats and meat byproducts
  • dairy products
  • dry goods (rice, feed meal, etc.)
  • sugar

Whatever the type of product, we’ve got the equipment to transport it, with hopper cars, tank cars and both heated and refrigerated boxcars available.?

For a quote or more information about shipping food products:

Fill out our online form? or contact:?

For Carload sales call 1-877-277-7283

For Intermodal sales call 1-877-225-5277 

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