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Customer Support Services?

Accounts receivable:??


Accounts payable, equipment accounting and credit departments:


Damage prevention and claim service:

Fax: 1-877-685-3555

EDI and electronic Bill of Lading, Customer Station and
on-line web applications

Phone: 1-888-333-8111

Automated shipment tracking:

Phone: 1-888-999-8111

Commercial dispute resolution:

Contact your account manager or email


CPR-MEX Customer Service Team 1-403-319-7699
CPR-MEX Shipment Tracing 1-403-319-7607???

Customer Service Teams?

Customer Services - Carload

Phone: 1-888-333-8111

Customer Services Intermodal/Automotive

Phone: 1-888-333-8111
email (Intermodal):
email (Automotive):

COG Intermodal Appointments and Trucking Dispatch

Phone: 1-866-721-2771

Operations Transaction Centre – Canada

Phone: 1-800-704-4000
Fax: 1-800-704-3000

Operations Transaction Center – U.S.

Phone: 1-888-872-8720
Fax: 1-888-872-7245 ??


Sales & Account Information?

Carload Sales inquiries and rates: 1-877-277-7283
Intermodal Sales inquiries and rates: 1-877-225-5277 

Specialized Services

? Coal & petroleum coke

?Name ?Title ?Phone ?email
Garry Keavey? ?Market Manager ?1-403-319-6637   ?

Fertilizers and Potash

Name ?Title ?Phone ?email
Elizabeth Cornfield Market Manager – Fertilizers & Potash ?1-403-319-6080

Grain p??ricing??

?Commodity ?email
Wheat, Durum, Rye, Flour, Barley, Malt and Oats
Oil, Meal, Canola Seed and Flax Seed
Corn and Soybeans
?Biofuels, DDGs, Feed Ingredients, Starches, Sweeteners and Special Crops

Intermodal - Domestic

In Canada?
Intermodal Sales & Pricing?? 1-877-225-5277
In? the U.S.
Intermodal Sales & Pricing??? 1-877-225-5277

?Intermodal -?International

Name?? Title Phone email
Masashi Fukuda Manager, Japan/Korea 81+3-2813-6926
Willy Wang Representative, Beijing 86+10-6462-2148


Location Name/Title ?Phone email
In Canada and the U.S.???
Fernando Alexander?, Account Manager? 011 521 81 2120 5250? F??
?045 81 21205250
?Name ?Title ?Phone ?email
Garry Keavey? Account Manager??


Investors, brokers and securities analysts

Contact our Investor Relations team:?

?Or write to:

    Investor Relations

    7550 Ogden Dale Road S.E. 
    Calgary, AB T2C 4X9 


    Maeghan Albiston 
    Assistant Vice-President, Investor Relations & Pensions 
    Chris De Bruyn
    Director, Investor Relations & Treasury


    If you are a shareholder and have questions about our stocks, or you want to receive copies of our Annual Report, contact us at:

    ?Or write to:

    Shareholder Services
    Office of the Corporate Secretary 
    Canadian Pacific 
    7550 Ogden Dale Road S.E. 
    Calgary, AB T2C 4X9 , Canada???


    Selling products & services to CP?

    Find out everything you need to know about selling goods and services to CP here. If you're a supplier and need to contact our Strategic Sourcing Group, fill out this form? or write to:

    Strategic Sourcing Group
    Canadian Pacific
    7550 Ogden Dale Road S.E.
    Calgary, AB  T2C 4X9



    For all media questions, including after-hours inquiries, please fill out the form below.

    This form is for MEDIA INQUIRIES ONLY. If you have a general question or comments, please visit this page.

    Please include area or country code


    ?Need help with your career?  

    If you have a railroader attitude, apply today to one of our? current postings.  We'll contact you if you're selected for an interview.

    Have questions or need help?? Contact:

    In Canada
    Phone: 403-319-6524

    In the United States
    Phone: 612-904-6165

    TTY Line

    Phone: 1-800-855-0511

    Due to the high level of interest in railroader careers, we only accept applications online?.??

    Verification of Employment (VOE) requests


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